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Our Environment

“Climate change has two causes, deforestation and abrupt increase in CO2”

— The World Wide Funds of Nature

LISOPACK is very involved in sustainability and the environment. LISOPACK calls on the world to work together and to take a better establishment, a better society and a better environment. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature climate change is the cause behind of the deforestation and the abrupt increase in CO2 due to the generation of energy through fossil fuels. By deliberately choosing solutions that have an impact on the problem, we like to help ourselves and our world.



LISOPACK wants to show you what its contribution for a better environment and climate is:

  • Airpop is manufactured from a waste product that is released from the extraction of fossil fuels. Instead that this waste product comes free uncontrolled in nature, this material is used to make the product "AIRPOP".

  • Airpop has a good isolating effect and ensures a decrease in the average energy consumption per person.

  • The waste that is released is for 100% recycled.  Here are several possibilities:

    • The process back into the raw materials.

    • Used as soil improver, light-weight concrete, filling of bean bags.            


BioFoam® is the first bio-based and compostable foam with an identification similar to the characteristics and formability of EPS also known as Airpop®. LISOPACK has the exclusivity for the acquired after customer specification process BioFoam®. Due to this, we can offer a product in an important market segment.


The first Cradle to CradleCM certified packaging material


BioFoam® is the world’s first organic foam packaging that has obtained theCradle to CradleCM certificate! Biofoam® products can infinitely often be reused without losing their quality while the emission of CO2 greatly reduces. With the latest developments, we expect a CO2 neutral packaging material. To make a comparison with Airpop®: Airpop® consumes the least energy of all packaging materials. With Biofoam® we lower the CO2 emission even more. This is because CO2 is used in the production of Biofoam®.

The basis for Cradle to CradleCM packaging and technical application
BioFoam® is in all ranges of use sustainable and in the long run to use.

BioFoam® is applied in both, form parts and in cut products. This creates a wide range of technical products and packaging solutions with an unprecedented freedom of design. From various sections question occure to the bio-based and compostable foam. Fill in the apllication form.

“Today’s quality is tomorrow’s success”

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