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ClimCon innovates with climate controlled packaging and distributes related products. By protecting temperature sensitive transports that is subject to the outer environment temperature differences. Every day ClimCon is thriving to bring her climate controlled packaging to a higher level and realising her ambition: Developing a climate controlled packaging that operates independently in keeping her temperature on a constant level with the use of clean energy.

“Controlling the climate by Climate Control”
Koel elementen
Data loggers

ClimPack is specialised in distinguishing itself from its competitors. By effectively separating the outer temperature from the inner environment. The integration of nano technology into her products and keeping her focus on beneficial price quality level. Delivery after order confirmation is fast and trustful like it should be. 

ClimPower creates balance. Balance within the climate controlling packaging but also balance for the climate. ClimCon will invest in the making of energy systems which will sustain the temperature in the climate controlling packaging. To achieve this goal ClimCon will make use of nano technologies and the newest innovations.

The primary target of ClimLog is transport data collection and cool chain improvement. These days’ good information is critical for your company performance and may not cost a penny. The expiration date of sensitive products and temperature itself have are heavily correlated to each other and so the need of good temperature measurement instruments exist. ClimLog is the tool and science to lift your sensitive transportation to a higher level.

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