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1961 - Foundation



LISOPACK was founded 1961 in Munstergeleen and has more than 55 years of experience in the plastics processing industry for non-returnable and reusable packaging.Over the years many processes and technology’s were developed. We invested continuously into the modernisation of our machinery. LISOPACK developed to the technological market leader concerning the production and manufacturing of cellular foam products with the focus on Airpop (styrofoam), EPP (polypropylene foam) and Biofoam (biological degradable styrofoam). The company is focused on business to business with the key markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.


2004 - Realisation of the new production hall


Due to expansion and increasing orders it was necessary to built a new production area. This resulted into a new production hall and office premises to meet the expected growth in the years to come.


2006 and 2010 Renewed machinery


Due to the changing market situation and the developments of machines with faster change-over times and high output we decided to expand and renew our machinery. This resulted into a multifunctional machinery where flexibility and rapid delivery times can be realised. Throught this investment, we are - better than ever - able to realise the wishes of our customer.

2011 - Development of ClimCon 


ClimCon means Climate Control with the focus as material supplier on the buying market. When you hear ClimCon you should think of 'Climate Control by Controlling the Climate'. The idea of ClimCon arised to develop a climate controlling and self-sustaining packaging with innovative materials. During our search we have contacted universities from different countries. Consider what a packaging, which keeps cool in summer and warm in winter, could mean. This is also less energy consumption/costs, this is a more important step towards a greener society of today/tomorrow.


“Today's quality is tomorrow's succes”

Grown by continous innovation. In addition, the quality/price level remains constant. At all times we remain a reliable and low-threshold discussion partner for all our clients/partners and take our constructive, responsible role with regard to the climate change seriously.


Our expertise is the downsizing of unnecessary packaging material and optimizing it. Supply chain management optimisation and a track record of more than 55 years good references set us in a position to exceed the expectations of our customers over and over again.


From multinationals to medium and small businesses, every organisation would like to reduce its costs, increase margins while the logistical challenge there in good times not be easier. LISOPACK likes to share her versatile experience and vision about quality packaging with you. 


For years, may we receive requests of well-known organisations that like you, are oriented in lowering costs while they simultaneously facing logistical challenges. It is difficult for them to find between all the providers of industrial foam products the right partner.

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