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EPP - Expanded Polypropylene

Properties of EPP:

  • High energy absorption and a low weight.

  • Remarkable ability to restore its shape after static and dynamic loading.

  • Largely unchanged energy absorption after repeated shock loads.

  • Balanced deformation, independent of the direction of the impact/ load.

  • Limited water absorption.

  • Temperature resistant.

  • Good resistance to chemicals and oils.

  • The product density can be tailored specifically per project.

  • Good heat-insulating properties.

  • Easy to clean and to sterilise.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Can be very effectively recycled.

  • No CFCs or other chemical propellants.

  • Now also available with improved fire-resistant properties (EPP-FR)

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is a unique raw material that has many important characteristics making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Some striking selection criteria are: energy absorption, low weight and high thermal stability.

EPP is in particular used for expensive and vulnerable electronics products or moulded parts for, for instance, the climate-control and the automotive industries. In spite of its low weight, EPP can absorb large amounts of energy and has a remarkable ability to restore its shape after being subjected to static or dynamic loading. The deformation is very balanced, independent of the direction of the impact/ load. EPP is temperature resistant, absorbs hardly any water and is effectively resistant to chemicals and oils. The product density of EPP can be specifically tailored to each application or purpose. It has good heat and cold insulating properties and is easy to clean. Because EPP is extremely recyclable and does not contain CFC or other propellants, it is very environmentally friendly

What is Expanded Polypropylene?

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